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Family Pizza
Family Pizza is always striving to be an active and contributing part of the community. We know that non-profit organizations have special fundraising needs, so let Family Pizza help you raise money for your school, organization, club or team.

Family Pizza offers a variety of 36 single pizzas at a reduced price to help support your organization.

Who qualifies for the fundraising program? Non-profit organizations qualify for the program.

Examples include, but are not limited to: Fundraising Program
  • Parent Teacher Councils
  • Elementary & High Schools
  • Volunteer Appreciation
  • Clubs
  • Sport Teams
  • Church Youth Groups
  • School Clubs
  • Girl Guides
  • Boy/Girl Scouts
  • Licensed Charities - eg. Canadian Diabetes Association

How much money can your group make with the fundraiser?

Number of Pizzas Sold Profit Per Pizza Profit for Organization
25 $3.00 $75.00
50 $3.00 $150.00
75 $3.00 $225.00
100 $3.00 $300.00

It's EASY - How does the program work?

Determine how much money your organization needs to accomplish its goal and make sure all the potential Sellers know how may pizzas they need to sell in order to reach that goal.

  1. Download the Fundraiser Application Form.
  2. Complete the Application Form and return it back to your local Family Pizza. Click here to find a Family Pizza located near you.
  3. Book your Fundraiser with Family Pizza.
  4. Family Pizza will supply your organization with a Seller's form for you to make copies of and distribute to your Sellers.
  5. Encourage your Sellers to call their friends, relatives, neighbours or anyone else who loves Family Pizza and would enjoy supporting your organization.
When your organization has reached its financial goal, simply bring back the Seller’s form along with the corresponding money and Family Pizza will exchange the money for your pre-paid pizza certificates.

The fundraiser is complete and your group will receive $3.00 for every pizza sold by your organization. All that is left is for your customers to redeem their pre-paid certificate for pizza.

How can your organization promote your fundraising event?
  • Encourage Sellers to distribute the flyers among family, friends, neighbours and at school or your organization.
  • Email the flyer to everyone in your address book asking if they would like to help out your organization.
  • Make an announcement in your local newsletters, outdoor marquees, and websites.
  • Promote the event on social networks, such as Myspace, Facebook or on Blogs.

Click here to download the Fundrasing Application Form.
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